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Teaching reading and learning to read can be fun!

Welcome to this early reading and learning website. This resource contains valuable information for parents who wish to teach reading skills to their children from an early age.

Teaching your child to read is one of the most rewarding challenges a parent or carer can undertake. A parent is a child's primary teacher in their most formative years and therefore nothing should be more natural than developing your child's joy of learning to read.

As a parent, tutor and childminder, I have studied the way children learn and used my own experience and empirical evidence to develop a practical educational programme that any one can use.

My own child was reading fluently and confidently before school age. She had completed a Ladybird reading scheme by the age of 4 and had a reading age of 8┬Ż years when she was tested during her first week of school. By the time she reached 14 she had an A level standard of English vocabulary and took delight in learning other modern languages.

To find out how to inspire you child to learn to read with ease, please read on: Early Years

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